Yes, it is ok to be scared

Someone on the SHA forum asked if it was ok to be scared about what might happen if Blues splash out a lot of cash and don’t get promoted.  My answer to that question is, “Yes, it is always ok for Birmingham City supporters to feel afraid.”

Even when things are going well, it is not unreasonable to be afraid. Anyone who has supported the Blues for any length of time can remember at least one occasion when Blues snatched defeat from a winning situation. The game that sticks in my mind is the one with Swindon in 1993; Blues were winning 4-1 with about 20 minutes left to play but it ended with a 4-6 win for Swindon.

There are plenty of examples of clubs ending up in financial trouble because they failed to gain promotion despite spending a lot. One of the most dramatic was Bradford City, who made some expensive signings after they narrowly managed to escape relegation from the Premier League in 2000.  Bradford was relegated the following season, attendances declined and TV income was lower than expected because ITV Digital went into administration. In 2002 Bradford City also went into administration.

Harry Rednapp is not everyone’s favourite manager. A 2014 article on Why does everybody hate Harry Rednapp? said, “Most Portsmouth fans hate him for jumping ship for Southampton, before returning to oversee an era of lavish short-termist spending which ultimately brought the club to its knees.”

Next season might end with promotion or as another disaster. So, I think the poster on the SHA forum is right to be concerned about what’s happening now, which he described as “long term planning being booted out in favour of chucking the sink at going up this season”. Slow and steady progress is not so exciting as big-name signings but it is a lot safer way to run a football club.

5 thoughts on “Yes, it is ok to be scared

  1. Peter bates

    Agree about taking it steady im not sure about getting players for one last big payday either whoever they are i think the owners know business but football is another matter

  2. Walker

    My opionion is if you buy quality and it doesnt work you should be able to sell quality for a prettier penny. Look at keita. I think he could be worth 6-7+ if he has a good season (personally I think as a left midfielder)

  3. Alex T

    Getting John Terry in on what is effectively £5m for the year, (should he agree to sign up) i agree with…. There is very little risk in getting our moneys worth from him. And getting Stockdale on a free is a great bit of business!
    However, splashing £7.5m out on a winger from a Belgian league, is a very big risk more in keeping with the few downfalls of Harry Rednap. I hope this one doesn’t come to fruition, I would much rather that kind of money being spent on a striker.
    I’ve got no problem with spending big, it just has to be spent well

  4. Dan

    £7.5m is penny’s in football. It’s now the average for the championship If we want a top quality striker we will need to spend 15m+. £7.5m on a winger that knows where the net is that’s good business. Stockdale on a free is a great bit of business! just two year back he was a 6m rated Keeper. John Terry 5M per year wage for a still very good CB and also as a very valuable member of staff is a no brainer. So even if the club decide to also get that 15m+ striker the out right total spend would only be 22.5m for 4 players not including wages. That would hardly bankrupt the club.

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