wristicappedPosts on this blog will continue to be short and sporadic this season. As always I have too many other things to do and I have an additional handicap at present – a broken wrist. It’s my first ever football injury — I fell after getting my feet tangled up with those of another player while playing walking football. Fortunately it’s my left wrist that’s broken and I’m right-handed. But my typing slowed down. I am only now, after three weeks in plaster, getting to the stage where I am faster using both hands rather than typing with just my right hand.

The other things I’m doing include writing posts for the Blues Trust website and I think that’s more important than keeping a personal blog going. That’s because I care about the longterm future of Birmingham City, my club. Of course, I care about the short term too. I’d like the team to play well and win games. And I hope that Gary Rowett manages to get a good striker.  But more importantly, I want the club to be run in a sustainable way and for fans to have a say in how it is run.

I believe that a football club is more than a business; it has a history and traditions that belong to the fans. A rich man can buy the facilities and players but if the fans are not with him, he doesn’t own the whole club. So I’m committed to the concept of a supporters trust that will work to ensure fans have a voice in the things that affect my club.  If you agree, check out the Blues Trust website and consider joining or, at least, signing up as an e-member so that you’ll receive newsletters.

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