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I don’t have time to write much but want to recommend an article and book that I’ve read recently.

The article, The forgotten story of … Jeff Hall, the footballer whose death turned tide against polio, was in the Guardian yesterday. I haven’t forgotten him. He was my favourite player and I was devastated when he died. As well as being a good but sad read, it has a great photo of him making a sliding tackle on a snow covered pitch. 

The book is Saturday, 3pm: 50 Eternal Delights of Modern Football by Daniel Gray. It came from a list that the author compiled in an effort to write his way out of despondency at the state of modern football. It is his answer to the question, “What, beyond the fact that I am locked in an abusive, one-sided relationship with my team, keeps me going to matches, and still caring?” If you find pleasure in seeing football grounds from trains and outfield players in goal, I think you’ll like this book.

4 thoughts on “Worth reading

  1. John bradbury

    My Uncle Sam had Polio.
    He was well known around Balsall Heath in Edward Road & Balsall Heath Road as a Master shoe repairer
    Took me all over England watching the mighty Blues.
    Jeff Hall was my Dad’s joint favourite player together with Trevor Smith.

  2. Gerald Richards

    I too remember Jeff Hall and attended his funeral at St.Andrews Church. He was a great full back who, even in those days, had a strong attacking ability.

  3. John Hall

    My late father, had via friends in the team got my authograph book signed by the Blues team and their opponents over a number of games that season, until full. Jeff Hall was one of those who signed on more than one occasion. When he died, such was the fear that polio raised, I remember to this day my mother saying she had to burn the book, as the papers said the disease could be carried on paper. I remember as a 5 year old that book of mt heros being burnt.

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      Apologies to Gerald and to John Hall for the delay in approving their comments. I went away for the weekend and wasn’t able to login to my site.

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