Worrying about Wigan

I’ve been telling myself that that Birmingham City won’t get relegated and that it would take a combination of disastrous results for us and good results for several teams below us to send us down. The problem is that, after our cruel loss to Derby and Wigan winning last night, relegation looks frighteningly possible. I’m hoping that the results of today’s games will calm my nerves.

I felt apprehensive ahead of the game with Derby, worrying what the atmosphere would be like. I was glad that the discontent with Gianfranco Zola didn’t stop the Blues fans backing their team. When the worst happens, I feel better when I’m at the game, surrounded by fellow fans, than when I’m sitting alone at home listening on the radio. That’s why I’m glad I’ve got a ticket for the end-of-season game at Bristol City.

1 thought on “Worrying about Wigan

  1. John

    The turning point was the home defeat by Wigan. Like today we seem to think all we have to do is turn up.

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