Will the pyramid collapse?

It is not unusual for my feelings about football to oscillate between fear and hope. What is unusual this season is that most of the hope is related to my own club, Birmingham City, and the fear is about football in general.  I came across a headline of an article recently that asked, “Football pyramid on the brink of collapse?” and that’s what I have been worrying about.

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2 thoughts on “Will the pyramid collapse?

  1. Ijaz

    Quite honestly greed has ruled football for too long and the days where normal supporters and footballers could relate to each other has long died. When you have mega rich clubs like Liverpool treating their normal workforce with contempt and furloughing them while allowing their players to earn millions while taking in huge profits just shows football has its priorities all wrong. Football is a business and if you are spending more than you are earning then quite frankly you are unsustainable. In all honesty the bubble needs to burst and footballers and clubs need bringing back to the real world.

  2. R Smith

    As the money in football has increased my interest in it has diminished. It is difficult to care much what happens to multi millionaires who think they are above the rest of us, and believe that they are not subject to normal values or often even to the laws of the country.

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