Will Blues Trust help?

Gabriel Sutton asked a good question on the Talking Blues blog1 and I’ve been trying to think of a good answer.  He asked how Blues Trust could secure influence and representation within Birmingham City FC when it is obvious that Peter Pannu and Carson Yeung don’t want to communicate with the fans. Gabriel said he didn’t know what the trust could do to help in this situation.

From what I’ve read I have come to the same conclusion as Gabriel: there is probably nothing that the trust can do to make the owners talk to fans. We have no influence at present; we have to just wait and see what happens. In the short term the future looks bleak.

I believe that Blues fans should be prepared for the “long, long road” that we sing about and that it could take years to achieve our aims.  I would like the Blues Trust Board to provide a realistic assessment of the situation. If they can’t see any quick fix in sight then I’d like them to tell us. It wouldn’t boost the membership numbers but the fans that did join would be prepared for the long haul. It would also help if they rewrote their mission statement2 to make it clear which of their objectives are long-term and what they are working on right now.

Whatever Blues Trust Board decides to do, I will be maintaining my membership and I would encourage other Blues fans to do the same.  I can’t influence the club’s owners but I can influence Blues Trust policy.  Fans can communicate with them via Twitter, Facebook or their website3 or speak to them at their open meetings.  Every member of the trust over the age of 16 has a vote at the AGM and can stand for election to the board.4

As I’ve said before on my blog5, I don’t believe that Blues Trust is a perfect organisation but I do believe it is worth joining.

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  4. There are some things, such as a bankruptcy order, that make a person ineligible to serve on the board. See Blues Trust Election Policy for the details.
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