There are so many things I don’t understand that I often find myself asking Why? I don’t even understand myself and why I do some things. For example, why do I pay to watch Birmingham City games on Blues TV, even though I know that I could be signing up for 90 minutes of misery? 

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12 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Paul Davis

    It’s all part of the highs andlows of being a Blues supporter,you are hoping that somewhere along the line things will get better and alot of the times it will but until then we have to just hang on.
    Having being a supporter of 40 years I have seen it all before with the club where performances were so shambolic and I swore blind id never set foot in St Andrews ever again but we do because it is our club.
    Things may seem really bad right now but I have seen it much worse than this. I remember the days of when we have lost to the almighty non league Altrincham and Kidderminster. I remember the crowds of just 6,000 for every home game so yes it’s been much worse than it is currently.

  2. Roger

    I think the football at the moment is as bad as I’ve ever seen it.
    I like you have been watching for 40 years and there’s a real sense of doom at St Andrews.
    I think the manager is a has been and the board have not had a clue from day one.
    Relegation is a real possibility and I for one would welcome it if it means we have a major clear out.
    Tired and very weary.

  3. JP

    Let’s be honest six hundred wouldn’t turn up to watch a Blues game now let alone six thousand, personally I think Karanka and Ren are so lucky that fans aren’t allowed at present as they’d get verbally lynched.
    Have I seen it worse, I’m not really sure I have, yes we’ve lost to lower clubs but at least we went into those games thinking we could win, when was the last time you thought that this season? The writing was on the wall the first game of the season against Cambridge, we played a league 2 side at home and we played with one striker. In Karanka we have probably the most negative minded manager we’ve ever had and a CEO who won’t sack him because if he does he has to admit that he got it all wrong yet again. Have i seen worse in my 55 years as a Birmingham supporter? Maybe but not definitely.

  4. Gary

    Also been a supporter and season ticket holder for decades ,supported my club from aged 5 ,now 53 ,I agree it’s doom days atm,we have never had decent owners ever ,even the sullivan …golds era we was always scrimping ,hopefully things turn around but we all live in hope ,all we can do is kro .

  5. Craig Squires

    Like you all say we have all seen worse.
    But we have had great times has well and I will still be going week in week out even if we dropped in to bottom league cause that’s what we do. I hate listen to all this negative criticism. Leave it to the real fans

  6. Doug

    My first job was an apprentice at BSA Motorcycles in Small Heath. The best part of working there was for overtime on Saturday mornings then a little bet on the horses over dinner before walking up to St Andrews to watch Bridges, Murray, Hockey, Vowden, Vincent, Greenhof, Pickering, Latchford and Francis. These were days when you approached the ground in anticipation. Now the pre-match feeling is one of trepidation and anxiety. I now live up in Humberside and rarely get to see the Blues live but have regularly listened to the match commentary on blues player and have watched nearly every game that has been shown live.
    My main observation is that the afore mentioned players were skilful and tactically aware but would not fare any better today than the current crop of players, due to the over physical nature of the game and I don’t mean hard tackling but the unpunished pulling and grappling of players. Referee’s are quick to punish a mistimed tackle but allow the blatant pulling back and grappling of players to go ahead. Consequently players have to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible in almost a panic resulting in long balls forward in the hope that a solitary attacker might run onto it. Yesterday I watched Liverpool v West Ham and what was clearly apparent was that the passing was quick and accurate and somehow players had more time to pick a pass. Surely the level down in the Championship is that much worse than the Premiership.
    Last Season I managed to get to see Blues play at Hull. Prior to kick off I watched the pre match warm up and the goalkeeping coach was taking shots at our goalkeeper. Every shot was pinpoint accurate. He then went out on the wing and put crosses in first to the near post and then to the far post. He then got a forward to stand just outside the six yard area and crossed balls to him to head or shoot for the keeper to save. Every shot and cross was on the money but during the match we didn’t manage a shot on goal and almost every cross was wide of the target. I think the goalkeeping coach was Denis Flavin and my comment was that he should have been playing not coaching.

  7. Mick

    It is bad atm but how many times have we been here in the past ? Until a billionaire owner comes along I am afraid this is it ! The good thing is that this club is supported by some of the most passionate fans in the country , and when the crowd is in full voice it is intimidating . Remember the final at Wembley , keep right on echoing round the ground ,how many fans had a lump in the throat ? Even some arsenal fans said they had never heard anything like it ! Times like this is when we should stop moaning and show every one that we are different , we will support the team and one day who knows ? K.R.O

  8. A J Dan

    I am 77 years old and have never never seen worse football i am a bluenose since i was 6 but this manager only looks backwards and attack is a dirty word, send him back to Spain and get a manager who knows you need to go forward and put the ball in the onion net

  9. Michael Casey

    Back in the 1968/1969 era we were aimless, dull and just treading water in the old second division. The previous few years had been intermittently enlivened by the likes of Freddie Pickering and Barry Bridges, but the general picture was one of mediocrity. Young Bob Latchford looked promising but seemed certain to move on to something bigger and better pretty soon. Then 16 year old Trevor Francis made his debut and everything changed. Being a Blues fan means hoping that any day now a flash of sunshine will banish the gloom and have us cheering, that’s why we stick with it. It ain’t the despair that gets you, it’s the hope.

  10. WayCoolBlue

    It’s not good at the moment and I have seen worse in the past 40 years. I do wonder why I pay my £10 a week sometimes twice a week to watch it on blues TV. Hopefully the club get the bulk of that money. It worries me because any other times have been hard the supporters Have been there to show their support and help the team over the line the supporters can’t do that now. So it makes us feel helpless. I don’t even get excited watching it on blues TV for many reasons 1 The commentary is awful 2 The camera angles especially when taking corners are far away you don’t see what’s happening 3 The constant negativity in the build up and halftime talk it’s just awful but no I still pay my £10 every week because this is What we do as supporters we love the club KRO

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