Who will be in the team?

I heard the news about David Cotterill before the game on Tuesday, that he had been given 24 hours’ notice to find a new club. That left me feeling that anything might happen.  So when Ryan Shotton was taken off at half time, I found myself wondering if they had just sold him. I know that was irrational but I quite often have irrational thoughts while watching football.

The transfer window has closed, I’ve updated my team list and now it’s time to see how the new players fit into the team.  There are doubts over the fitness of both Morrison and Shotten so we should see some of the new players on the pitch.  Kerim Frei played on Tuesday but Emilio Nsue and Cheick Keita stayed on the bench.  I may miss some of the familiar faces but I can only support the team that the manager puts on the pitch and that’s what I plan to do.

4 thoughts on “Who will be in the team?

  1. Colin Cross

    So the latest propaganda drip from the Chinese is that Rowett somehow offended Chinese pride by NOT signing a new contract they had offered him. The facts as I see them are these (1) the new Owner wants 100% control and could not cope with Rowetts style of management eg he wanted to make all player decisions and tactical decisions (2) the offer to Rowett was not acceptable to Rowett on that basis and (3) Rowett probably knew a new man was in waiting literally.

    I hear what people say about Rowetts style of football. I am a pragmatist and so clearly was Rowett, squeezing the very best out of journeymen and getting credit from all in football for that. That did not suit some loudmouth fans on certain other blogs who decided to launch a tirade at Rowett despite the results being a massive over-performance of the players individual merits.

    So the pragmatic manager who took us from despair of an 8-0 home defeat to 2x 10th place finishes on meagre resources walked or was pushed b4 he got his hands on £10m. The signings we HAVE made are by and large gambles – foreign players with no Championship experience and/or players signed for Zola by the Club.

    Then we come on to Zola, nice guy, great player; awful manager. The skill of any manager in any profession is to get the best out of what he had. Rowett BRILLIANTLY evidenced that was a back 4 playing deep, cover from 2 holding midfielders and a couple of hard working wingers and a holder/runner up front. It delivered the best it possibly could.

    Indeed cast your mind back to 2009/2010 Carr; Johnson;Dann;Murphy with Ferguson and Bowyer sat in….that didn’t do too badly did it.

    In 2005/6 and 2010/11 we tried to change styles in a far more sensible way that now, it BACKFIRED both times with relegation for Bruce and Mcleish and I fear to say – we are under Zola DEAD MEN WALKING and will be in 3rd tier THIS AUGUST unless the Board fess up own up and bring back or in a PRAGMATIST problem is decent guys like Spector and Cotterill have already walked! KRP

  2. Dave

    Lets face it while we renewed our season tickets rowett was looking elsewhere long may [he] remain on the dole after all he was a miserable [bad language edited out]

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      I don’t mind people having a different opinion from mine but it’s my blog and I reserve the right to edit out language I don’t like,

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