Where are we heading?

I’m not the only one to doubt the wisdom of sacking Gary Rowett. The headline in WSC said, “Gary Rowett wasn’t perfect but Birmingham’s move for Zola makes no sense”. Two hundred percent said,

“If there’s one thing that we know about this division beyond all else, though, it’s that new owners cannot be relied upon to make decisions that necessarily coincide with common sense…  Rowett’s dismissal following Tuesday’s win against Ipswich Town, then, falls quite squarely into the category of Championship managerial replacements that say more about the levels of entitlement of the club’s owners than about any shortcomings on the part of the manager himself.”

This change of manager feels like a gamble and like walking in a fog. I’ve no idea which direction we are heading, whether Zola will make the team play better or worse.  So I’ve changed the mood indicator picture on my About this website page to one showing a foggy day and will wait and see what happens.

See the Blues Trust site for more of my thoughts on this.

1 thought on “Where are we heading?

  1. Wayne Johnson

    I think I understand why they did it because they did mot trust Gary with the money His signings costing who knows how much not disclosed remember have not been used succesfully. His low cost and frees have been good hence the change

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