When the fun stops

Signs in betting shop windows are telling me: “When the FUN stops, STOP”. That may be good advice for gamblers but doesn’t apply to away supporters.  They know how to create their own fun when the football isn’t that great. Respect to all the Blues fans who made the journey to Ipswich; I hope they all had a good time despite the result.

I’m wondering if Harry Redknapp is having fun being manager of Birmingham City. He sounds frustrated about the difficulty of signing the players he wants.  And if the fun stops will he walk away?

Incidentally the slogan, “When the FUN stops, STOP,” is a campaign being run by a group of four gambling companies, to promote responsible gambling. I’ve just checked online and found I’m not the only one to question their motivation for this.  An organisation campaigning against fixed odds betting terminals says that safe gambling ads are ineffective and may be an attempt to ward off government regulation.

Redknapp is quoted as saying, “Forty-six games, you need a squad, you need options, you need to rest a few. But you don’t want to go and get beaten by Crawley on Tuesday.” He’s right about that.  I’ll be at St Andrew’s tomorrow evening and watching us lose to Crawley would not be fun.