What every fan deserves

“We need some firm ground and to know what is happening. That’s what every fan deserves – to know where the club stands, to know where they’re going and to know their club is in safe hands.”

I think this quote sums up the way a lot of Birmingham City fans are feeling at the moment but it was written about another club.  I found it in an article about Hermann Hreidarsson’s view of the situation at Portsmouth ahead of the court case today.  I’ve been keeping an eye on the news as I’ve been typing this and it has been confirmed that a deal has been done between Portpin and the club’s administrators which will allow Pompey Supporters Trust to buy Fratton Park and become the club’s new owners. The legal wrangling has been going on for ever and the tension over this court case has been obvious in the flood of Tweets and messages on The News website as they waited for the judge’s ruling.

Herman Hreidarsson made 123 appearances for Pompey and is due to play at Fratton Park for one more time.  He’ll be playing for the Icelandic team that he now manages, in a fundraiser for Pompey Supporters Trust. It’s good to see a former player supporting a club in that way.

We Blues fans have a different court case to look forward to and will go through our own tense times I’m sure.  I just hope that we won’t have to go through such difficult times as Pompey fans have endured.