What do Birmingham City fans need to know?

I can understand why Birmingham City fans want to know what’s happening in Hong Kong. The decisions made by Birmingham International Holdings will determine the future of our club so it’s natural to be interested.   I’m as curious as the next person and regularly check the web to see if any more snippets of information have come to light.

However I’m not sure if knowing more would really help in any way.  There is no comfort in what we already know.  We may not know everything about the BIH board’s motivation for buying BCFC but it’s pretty obvious that, in common with most owners of football clubs, their main motivation was not a long-standing love of the club and its fans.  So if and when they sell the club, their main priority will not be the interests of the club and fans; they will put their own interests first.  And I don’t think fans could change that even if we did know exactly what was going on. I am not advocating that we bury our heads in the sand;  I am grateful for the work done by Daniel, of Often Partisan, and others who have spent time investigating the situation and keeping the rest of us informed.  What I am saying is that knowing more of the gory details about BIH may not help fans formulate an action plan.

It’s impossible to forecast what lies ahead for Birmingham City FC but whatever happens it’s likely that something similar has already happened at another football club.  So there’s a good chance there will be another set of fans who can offer advice and encouragement to us whatever our predicament.  For me that is one of the important benefits of having a supporters’ trust for Birmingham City.  Blues Trust doesn’t have a magic wand it can wave to dispel all the club’s troubles but, through its membership of Supporters Direct, it is linked to a fans network that can supply information we need to know.