Scarf ladyOn Wednesday evening, before the Middlesbrough match, I got the chance to do something I’ve wanted to do for the last couple of years. I saw the scarf lady, said hello and gave her my All-we-care-about-is-BCFC scarf.  I noticed that the Birmingham Mail had got a picture of her in the crowd and was pleased to see one end of the scarf showing. I don’t know what her story is but, in her own way, she is a Birmingham City legend.

The rest of the evening was rather disappointing; we had a chance to win and didn’t take it. But my memories of our pre-November form haven’t completely faded so I was content with the draw. I am sure that there is more than one reason for the recent winless streak but we haven’t won a game since Morrison limped off the pitch on January 27th. Blues had accumulated 24 points in the previous 12 games: an average of 2 points per game.  We only got 4 points in the next 5 games.

Wednesday’s result took Middlesbrough to the top of the Championship and left us 12th on 39 points, 9 points above the relegation zone. This feels less safe after the club’s statement on Tuesday, saying that Birmingham International Holdings Limited had voluntarily called in the receivers. Daniel Ivery, on Often Partisan, said that this could hasten the sale of the club and he hopes the Football League won’t dock 10 points. The workings of the FL seem to be just as inscrutable as those of BIHL. So my hope for the rest of this season is the same one I expressed in my first post of the year: “I want safety plus 10 points for Blues”.  A win tomorrow would help. David Davis is out injured so it will be interesting to see the team selection.