We won a game

I’m a fortunate Birmingham City fan because I have learned to recover from my team losing games. A few hours after a loss, I remember that it is only game and don’t dwell on any of the details of how we lost.  But the good feeling after a win remains for days, sometimes weeks.

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3 thoughts on “We won a game

  1. Peter Bates

    Good performance looked solid good result just want to wish David Davis all the best good club man who wore his heart on his shirt thanks digga

  2. WayCoolBlue

    I watched on blues TV it’s £10 that seems a little steep if we lose but when we win it seems well worth it. In the first half we were by far the better side kept the ball well we even strong together plenty of decent passes the first half alone I would say made us worthy of the win Hogans goal was great but it was the movement leading up to the goal that impressed me most. Jose and friend were immense at the back together particularly in the second half. Middlesbrough played a lot better in the second half and they did create chances but we stemmed there 15 to 20 minute wave. And rightly got a win. I found the substitutions a little bit negative and they were made pretty quickly and I did get the feeling that the equaliser was going to come. But it didn’t go the way I feared which I’m grateful for and we won the game.
    It’s nice to win but the way I look at it it’s is only one win we need more of the same and we need more positive substitutions when we have control of a game if AK needs to replace anyone it should be a positive substitution not as negative as it has been. Here’s hoping more wins on the way because we need them KRO

  3. Paul Davis

    I truly felt we deserved it and realised we are not such a bad side after all. The only fear I have had is that I have seen it all before when we beat Reading and Preston,they were deserved victories and really felt we had turned the corner so I am just hoping this is not the same happening all over again.
    Onwards and upwards for Blues but if there is one thing about Blues is never get carried away.
    Anyway well done guys and KRO

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