We won!

“It’s a great feeling.” That’s what Lukas Jutkiewicz said when he was interviewed after the Fulham game. And it did feel great.  There was an explosion of joy and relief when he scored the goal in the 75th minute followed by 20 tense minutes as we all wondered if Birmingham could hold on for the win. The 5 minutes added on seemed to last forever. Then came the whistle to end the game and more joy and relief.

At one point in the game, when Cheick Keita had displayed some impossibly good ball control, I had grumpily said that I’d much rather see a stupid goal than a clever flick. But when the goal came it wasn’t stupid and it was Keita that put in the cross for Jutkiewicz.  Having a Fulham player sent off really helped our crowd and our players to believe we could win. That belief and a bit of luck, Fulham missed some chances, produced a result. We actually won a game.


2 thoughts on “We won!

  1. the guvna

    I thought that we mixed the game up a little more than usual, sometimes being a little more direct than previous games under GFZ. Keita has obvious talent and his control when he controlled that ball in front of the Kop was sublime. Nevertheless, he looked vulnerable when we had runners coming at him and positionally was lacking. He is a work in progress but has skill, pace and attacking intent. He still needs to defend though.

    I did say that we were more direct than usual, but we still mixed the game up with plenty of passing and getting behind them down the flanks. If you were to read the ‘Go West London’ take on the game, you’d think that GFZ had created the new Wimbledon as they described our tactics as something along the lines of ‘an aerial bombardment and that we were aggressive and in their faces etc’. I think they saw a diffent game to me. They didn’t like the fact that were in their faces and stopped their ‘passing game’. Well, all we did was shut them down and didn’t give them time on the ball. What did they want, free reign to pass the ball at will?!

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