Every year I read through a poetry book that contains a poem a day for each day from December 1st to January 6th.  And this will be the third time I’ve mentioned the poem for Christmas eve: In the Days of Caesar by Waldo Williams.  There’s a phrase in it, “naïve with power”, that describes Caesar’s inability to understand something that people with no power had no difficulty in understanding. Like Caesar, the owners of our club have the power to make decisions but there’s a lot they don’t understand about fans.

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1 thought on “Understanding

  1. Sausage n Egg

    Understanding? …… It must be assumed that the mysterious owner of Blues is not a fecking idiot because he has made money somehow….how come Dong an incompetent egotistical ball bag ( yeh .. I want come Mate!)still is able to have input on things he obviously knows jack shit about???? Understanding how we have become the midlands example of how a club should not be run and are lagging behind others the ground is shite the shop and merchandise is and has been for a long time poor to say the least in fact the club is rotten from the core with ineptitude and constant amateur decisions just being normal ….these things really boil my piss !

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