Two wins

BC Ladies UEFA qf teamThis week started well for Birmingham City; the women beat Arsenal Ladies at St Andrew’s on Monday and the men beat Millwall at The Den on Tuesday. I hadn’t been to a Birmingham City Ladies game before and the game on Monday was the ideal opportunity to rectify that.  It was at St Andrews and was an important game, the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final.   

The crowd was made up of fans, friends and family of both teams, fans of women’s football (I met one man from Lincoln Ladies F C) and people like me who support the men’s team. There were a lot of women and girls in the crowd, which set me thinking about how much has changed in my lifetime. When I first started going to St Andrews over 60 years ago, my dad would enter the ground through a turnstile that said ‘Men’ and I would go through the ‘Boys’ one. Back then I would never have dreamed that women would ever play the game. It was a good game and great to see a Birmingham City side win at St Andrew’s. I hope the men can do the same on Saturday.

I didn’t go to The Den last night, just listened to the radio commentary. Blues’ win gave them an 8 point margin above the relegation zone and sent Millwall to the foot of the table. There are 8 more games to go so we are some way off safety but I feel a bit more hopeful than I did.

BC Ladies UEFA qf 2 teams


2 thoughts on “Two wins

  1. chris

    Six more points should do it, the bottom three are some way off a point per game.
    If they manage a point per game that only puts them on 40 /41 pts and they would have to go on a run of roughly 4 wins 2 draws and 2 losses to get to 46 points.
    LC needs to set the team up at home to be tighter, not to take risks (unless we’re losing of course) and to make it hard to be broken down or be caught on the break, every point counts.

  2. Rob

    I really do hope you are correct Chris. Do you recall that 2010/11 season when we had 38 points from 32 matches, Wolves 32 points. Wigan had 34 and Blackburn 35 from 33 games.
    Wolves, Wigan and Blackburn all got 8 point in the final games; Wigan and Blackburn from 5 games. We got just the 1 pathetic point (a poor draw against Wolves at Stans). Still have nightmares now…

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