Two wins and three departures

We won two games last week and are in the top half of the table.  I’m struggling to believe it and have to keep checking to make sure it’s true.

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2 thoughts on “Two wins and three departures

  1. Eric Jones

    Very sad that Chinese owners got rid of virtually every senior staff people who seem to have been very well regarded. Many left before Covid. I liked and trusted Panos Pavlakis and agree this is shocking news.

  2. WayCoolblBlue

    It’s the same for everyone is in the same boat At the moment. though staff are not having to do any work. So don’t pay them To do nothing is probably the reason for this. I don’t think there is anything sinister in it. I agree they will be missed. At least on the pitch things are going well. Just wish we could be a little more attacking. KRO

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