Two from the two

I have a busy day ahead and wasn’t planning to write anything for the blog.  However I noticed a couple of posts on The Two Unfortunates site that I find interesting, for which I’d like to provide links.

The first post is an account1 of Coventry City’s ‘home’ game on Sunday which was held at Sixfields, a long way from Coventry.  It includes a discussion on the ethics of attending a game that was being boycotted by most Coventry fans.  It said that fans don’t tend to immerse themselves in the problems of other teams but suggested that they should and said, “if we don’t recognise the commonalities present in financial malpractice across the leagues, then it will continue to prosper.”

The other post was about the mess at Birmingham City.  The TTU blogger had given up on his attempt to make head or tail of that mess so had asked Daniel Ivery to provide a summary2 of what has happened so far. It’s well written but the subject matter makes it a depressing read.

  1. Eye Witness Assessment:  Coventry City and Sorry Sixfields
  2. Birmingham City and Due Diligence