Turning point?

Saturday, December 21,  is the shortest day of the year, the turning point when the days begin to grow longer.  I’d like to hope it will also be the turning point for Birmingham City’s home form, the day we get 3 points instead of 1. But I’m finding it hard to sustain that hope; our home form has been pretty mediocre apart from that patch of brilliance from September 21st to October 1st when our only two home league wins sandwiched our cup win against Swansea.   

The cheap ticket prices for Saturday’s game have boosted sales. Let’s hope that the larger crowd results in more support for the players on the pitch but it might not.  Home crowds don’t provide the same level of unconditional support that away supporters do. Home fans get nervous if the team isn’t playing well and that nervousness can be transmitted to the players and undermine their confidence. So tomorrow I’ll be trying to quell my nerves and hoping that the players can do the same.

I’m also hoping that the second half of the season will be an improvement on the first half. Other teams, thankfully, have had a worse first half than us. A Football League blog published fans’ half-term reports on Championship clubs today and fans were asked to sum up their clubs’ season in one word.  Which of the following words do you think is the one used to sum up Birmingham City’s season?  Which one would you use?

Afterclap, Apathetic, Auspicious, Better, Chaotic, Confrontational, Development, Disappointing, Disenchanted, Encouraging, Excrement, Expectations-smashing, Functional, Horrific, Improved, Improving, Inconsistent, Pioneering, Schteeeeve, Seesaw, Turbulent, Underwhelming, Undulating, Uninspiring.

Here’s the link if you want to read the reports: Championship 2013-14: the fans’ half-term report.