Thoughts while waiting for a verdict

Carson Yeung at St Andrew'sThe day we’ve waited for, the day when the verdict in Carson’s Yeung’s trial was to be be handed down, turned out to be a bit of an anti climax.  We found out that the judge has to read aloud his 112-page judgement before he announces his verdict and he only managed to get through the first 46 pages on Friday.  

When the verdict is announced, it won’t instantly clarify the future of Birmingham City F C. Officially, Carson is no longer a director of BIHL or BCFC so they can carry on regardless of what happens to him.  How they will carry on their business is not something I can speculate on; I don’t know enough.

I do know that people are complex. And when I examine the motivation and actions of the person I know best, myself, I find a mixture of good and bad. So I believe that Carson is neither all bad nor all good. I feel angry about the sorry state of the club I support but my anger is not directed at Carson but at the whole rotten system of football governance in this country.

And while we wait for the verdict, football carries on.  This afternoon, Blues will be playing away at Ipswich. The players, match officials, managers and staff are all complex human beings; each one of them might be having a bad or a good day. A couple of inches can make the difference between a goal and a near miss and affect the mood and confidence of players. I can’t predict the result but I can hope. I’d like a goal and a happy St David’s Day for Emyr Huws and a win for the Blues.