Thoughts on the weekend

It was bound to happen sooner or later and it happened at Blackpool; Birmingham City lost. It wasn’t good to lose to a team adrift at the foot of the table but I wasn’t particularly worried that we lost to a team managed by Lee Clark. I don’t feel any animosity towards him. If we have to lose, I’d prefer to lose away. Given our abysmal home record last season, the team needs to play well at St Andrew’s in order to keep the home crowd’s support. The away supporters are more forgiving.

The loss is a reality check and a test of Gary Rowett’s quality as a manager. He has managed to make the team look more organised but he didn’t, and in my opinion can’t, transform them all into top players. They lack the consistency that top players display and are going to lose some games.  How Rowett reacts to a loss will be a large part of how well he does as a manager.

The loss didn’t spoil my day out. I love living in Birmingham but from time to time I like to see the sea.  And by that I mean the sea and the beach not the rather depressing amusement places draped alongside it.  I enjoyed my walk along the beach.

I also enjoyed the Silent Night Carols event at St Andrew’s on Sunday afternoon, commemorating the 1914 Christmas truce when peace broke out in the midst of battle. Guests who took part included the Lord Mayor, the Bishop of Birmingham, Pippa Donaldson (Clayton’s wife) and Prince Philip Kiril of Prussia. Prince Philip is the great-great grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The most moving part of the event for me, was Prince Philip apologising for the part played by the Kaiser in starting the war and then singing Silent Night in German, the language in which it was originally written. I’m glad that my club sponsored this event and provided the stadium and stewards, that the club chaplain, Kirk McAtear, led it and Gary Rowett also took part. Goodness knows what is happening in Hong Kong but the staff here in Birmingham do a good job.