Thoughts on the WBA game

I went to the game on Saturday hoping we didn’t get beaten by too many goals and came away disappointed that we didn’t manage to hold on for a draw.  Our team played well and scored two goals. But they lacked the quality in finishing displayed by WBA’s Charlie Austin.

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the WBA game

  1. Michael day

    Sad to say once again, a competent display is ruined by some of the worst defensive errors i have seen in many years. People keep screaming for strikers who can score but i don’t hear any comments on signing competent defenders who can stick to the task in hand. Pressure will always be placed on those up front when support from the back is weak
    Be it training methods or direction, in the end it is the responsibility of the player is to perform to best of his ability , And to be blunt i see a lot of aimless wandering and apparent disinterest during games,
    Oh for players who can challenge for a fifty fifty ball and not wait to see what the other guy does

  2. Sausage n Egg

    Not winning away …. Now not doing much at home is going only one way . Time must be nearly up for Pep who was a cheap shoe in in the first place. Taking your best off when chasing a game and replacing them players playing out of position (not for the first time )is not good or clever. Being a nice fella is not enough …. I want to see tactical savvy and a bit of passion not sitting down arms folded with bottom lip stuck out in a pout.

    1. Roy Smith

      What does it matter if the coach shows passion? It is the players who need to do that. I think you have read too many tabloids slagging off managers for not screaming and ranting at the side of the pitch.

  3. Granaldo

    Wish you guys would get off the back of Pep. He has the team playing much better football than for a long time. He is not going to change things overnight. The players are buying in to the change and are getting more confident the more they play this new style.
    Look at what he has achieved so far:
    1) A young goalkeeper has been given a chance, which is a bold selection. Connal Trueman has been outstanding. We have another young goalkeeper waiting for his chance in Ramos. I cannot understand the rumours about signing another goalkeeper.
    2) Jude Bellingham introduced into the team and has been a breath of fresh air.
    3) Geraldo Bajrami selected on Saturday was excellent. I cannot understand the critics.
    4) Midfield of Sunjik, Villalba, Crowley and Bellingham is outstanding.
    5) Gave Clarke-Salter achance who was also doing really well until he was injured.
    Merry Xmas Blues fans, let’s not winge about anything in the new year and really get behind the team at home like we do away from home KRO.

    Lets get to 50 points as soon as possible and then assess where we are. It is unlikely that anybody is going to catch Leeds or West Brom. Lets consolidate with the youngsters.

    1. Granaldo

      Sorry, with apologies to Odin Bailey:
      6) Brought in to the squad/team Odin Bailey who scored the winning goal on his debut at St Andrews in front of the Tilton.
      I think you are all underestimating what Pep has achieved in a short time. KRO.

  4. tracey tyler

    Weak link???? Pedersen, over rated as a Defender, caught of of position time and time again, and why did he not close Furlong down in the build up for their 3rd goal???? get Seddon in quick

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