Thoughts on the Nottingham Forest game

The 0-0 draw was frustrating because it felt like a game we should have won. In the first half I wondered if we were ever going to score again but the second half was better. The two substitutions, Gardner and Cotterill, improved the performance and gave me hope.

I was sorry about the result but don’t regret going to the game. Experiencing a poor result in the company of other fans is not as bad as listening to the commentary on my own. I was glad to be there to see Craig Gardner’s return to the team and the crowd’s reaction to him. It felt as though, whatever we may think of the managerial change, most of us are getting behind the team.

The protests were in the away end as the Forest fans backed their team but not the owner. They blame him for the poor results and the breakdown in negotiations for a proposed takeover. The manager was sacked following the game. He was the seventh manager to have been sacked since Fawaz al-Hasawi took over the club in 2012.

The game on Saturday was not the best Blues performance I’ve seen but it was nowhere near the worst one either. I think the reason I still enjoy going to games is that I have learned to appreciate the small things — a good play, a nice chat with another fan and a minor improvement to the match-day experience such as putting the additional minutes on the big screen rather than a small board. If I only enjoyed fantastic displays of great skill I’d have given up going to games long ago.

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  1. nicko

    i think a win is around the corner not playing bad. if it was not for the referee we should of had a penalty
    cant blame the linesman he could not see.

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