Thoughts on loyalty and blogging

Blues mugSome items in the news have set me thinking about loyalty in football.  The first two were about John Frain1.  He was Birmingham born, joined Birmingham City as a teenager and stayed for 11 years. He was not the swiftest or most skilful but he was loyal, dependable and one of my favourite players. I see his name every day, as I drink from my old, chipped Blues mug.  

There’s an article about fan loyalty2 in the Telegraph.  The author argues that it is all right to support a team that is not in the town or city where you were born.  The author, from Kent, is a lifelong Liverpool supporter and says there is nothing wrong with that.  He argues well and I agree with him.

I’ve also been thinking about blogging.   Congratulations to Daniel, for keeping Often Partisan going for 3 years3, for writing so much, so regularly and so well. I think Daniel must be able to write a lot faster than I can but even so it’s an incredible achievement to produce daily posts for so long. Even the most gifted of writers must have days when they don’t feel like writing at all; I admire anyone who can produce something on one of those days.  This morning I had a conversation with someone who was very upset that Daniel has disallowed comments on his blog. As a fellow blogger I uphold the right of all bloggers to do what they want with their blogs.  I am also aware of some of the potential pitfalls for successful bloggers who attract attention.  For an illustration of that, see the articles4 about Micah Hall, the Pompey blogger, and how he faced financial ruin because of a defamation case, even though that case was dropped.

Despite my best efforts to think of other things, my thoughts have also drifted towards Blues relegation battle.  In 1994, when the team that Frain was in almost escaped relegation there was a pitch invasion by Blues fans applauding the players for their effort.  If we go down to the third tier again this season I doubt that our team will receive the same kind of support. This is what Frain said about the end of that relegation season:

“We looked odds-on to go down but once we got one win, it led to another.

“I know it’s an old saying, but confidence is a massive part of football. Once you get that win and then another, it’s amazing how things change and what you can do.

“Hopefully that can happen to Blues at the moment too,”

I hope so too.

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