Thoughts on last week

My support for my team doesn’t depend on the skill they display or the success they achieve. I’m just one of those Birmingham City fans who hasn’t found a way of breaking my connection with my team. I am not claiming any superiority over fans who will only go to games if the football is attractive or if the team is likely to win. Being a discerning customer may be the sensible choice.

Last week I found myself thinking that there might be a way that my sense of connection to Blues could be broken. I read about the directors Panos Pavlakis, Edward Zheng and Shayne Wang speaking to the players and other staff and expressing their unequivocal support for Gianfranco Zola. That made me wonder if they might show that support by buying a lot more players during the summer, players who can play the kind of football they want to see.  And that thought didn’t fill me with great joy. I do like to see talented players but I also like to watch our own young players from the Academy develop into better players. I’m not sure the Blues team will still feel so much like my team if too many players are brought in too quickly.  There’s also no guarantee that they will play well together and form a good team.

The directors decided that they needed to talk to the players last week and it seems that they may have also decided that the fans need to see them at games. Edward Zheng and another man, who I think may have been Shayne Wang, were in the VIP seating area at the Leeds game. I have heard that they have watched from a box at previous games. They all stood up and applauded when Craig Gardener equalised. I’m not sure what they did when Chris Wood restored the lead for Leeds a few minutes later; I just know how disappointed I felt. I want to see my team win and hate to see us conceding so many goals.