Thoughts on consistency, Sheffield and finding your way out of the toilet

I’m trying to look at the positive side of Birmingham City’s inconsistency.  There are two kinds of teams that get consistent results.  The very good teams consistently win games and the very bad teams consistently lose. Blues were consistently losing away and they got a draw at Sheffield United so that means they are no longer consistent losers.

Finding a way to move on to becoming consistent winners is hard. It’s easier to look back and see where you have gone wrong than to find a way out of the difficult places you end up.  I personally have no sense of direction, get lost easily and go round in circles trying to find my way.  And when I say I’ve no sense of direction, I mean no sense of direction.  On a few occasions, I’ve had trouble finding my way out of a public toilet and have tugged at a locked store room door before realizing it wasn’t the exit door.   Someone in Sheffield understands people like me. I had lunch at the café in the Crucible Theatre and in the ladies loo they have a notice pointing to the way out.

There is no notice pointing the way out for Birmingham City.  The team is going to continue to lose some games but I have hope that we will draw and win more often. I don’t believe there’s a quick fix and agree with Steve Cotterill that “it’s inch by inch at the moment”.  In the meantime, let’s enjoy the ride.  In bad times, the good bits feel better.  The reaction of Blues fans when Boga scored at Sheffield was incredible. For a moment, I thought that my wish to die happy at a Blues game might be fulfilled as delirious fans careened in all directions and I concentrated on trying to avoid being at the bottom of a pile of them. It’s times like those that keep me going to games.