Thinking like a Norwegian

There was a very interesting article in the Guardian on Saturday, about how the inhabitants of Tromsø, in Norway, cope with living in a city which does not see the sun from mid-November to mid-January.  It seems that they cope with it well because of their mindset. The article said: 

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3 thoughts on “Thinking like a Norwegian

  1. Sausage n egg

    Jeez man have you forgotten about the Vikings rampaging and pillaging? They took many an unwilling peasant girl up the Arctic circle

  2. Justin

    I like your positive thinking although the suicide rate in Norway is higher than in the UK which may point to the Norwegians not actually being as positive as they make out…

  3. Knuttyknutty

    I’m a norwegian, I’m a Birmingham City fan, I live in Tromsø, I’m watching every game, and I’m doing very well. Specially nowadays with Karanka in command. Last night it was northern light here too, and that will continue during the dark period, so its not totally dark. Up The Blues. Knuttyknutty

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