They say it’s very good

One of my uncles won a bit of money on the football pools in the mid 1950’s and used it to buy a television set. He wasn’t married and was living with his parents, my grandparents, so they watched it too.     

Grandma was easily swayed by TV commercials so, whenever she asked me to buy a different brand for her, I would ask why.  Her answer was always the same, “They say it’s very good.” The conversations would go something like this.

Me, “Why do you want to change to Stork margarine?”

Grandma, “They say it’s very good.”

Me, “Who says it’s very good?”

Grandma, “There was a nice young man on television last night who said it that it tastes like butter.”

Me, “That was a commercial; he was getting paid to say that.”

Grandma, “Yes, I know that, but he wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t true.”

At the time I thought her very foolish for not understanding commercials. No amount of money would have persuaded her to tell a lie and she assumed that everyone felt that way.  Looking back, I wonder if it was I who was the fool, for accepting as normal a society where people would tell lies as long as they were paid enough.

A recent article1 mentions that it took about £2m for Zidane to forget about Qatar’s heat and serf labour system and to say it was a very good place to hold the World Cup.  The Qatar 2022 bid spent millions to pay people to say it was very good.

Money does the talking in football and I think it does matter where that money comes from. In his post2 on Often Partisan, Daniel says that there may be some money invested in Birmingham City F C soon and he asks if people would be upset if that money came from China.  I would much prefer to have investment come from someone who is interested in the club and its traditions than from someone who regards it just as an investment.

Whatever happens, anyone who invests in the club is going to say that his/their motivation is very good.  Only time will tell whether that claim is true.

  1. French footballer trapped in Qatar asks Guardiola and Zidane for help
  2. Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

5 thoughts on “They say it’s very good

  1. John W

    I always read your postings, though I’ve never replied before, I’m the ” keep your head down type”, not sure if that’s a good thing or not, it’s just the way I am. Anyway, you always talk a lot of sense and see things in a calm and measured way, I always find myself nodding in agreement with you. Please carry on posting, I’m sure lots of people read them.

  2. Carlos

    Another well thought out and reasoned blog, I must say I enjoy the tone of your posts and tend to agree with the content. You deserve more credit and replies.

  3. gazza

    agree with the other two posts. its always nice to have more than one site to see opposing opinions. often partisan is frequently visited, and has many diverse and interesting theories. but after reading your insight, more of the same !!!

  4. tonyc

    Another interesting read with points made well.It does surprise me sometimes though with comments on often partisan regarding new investment.People seem happy and oblivious to the fact that yeung ,pannu and others associated with bih have stripped the club to the bare bones.In pannus case milked a healthy bank balance to the detriment of the club and both seem to care very little about the fans .Yet now money might be made available its lets bury our heads back in the sand and pat ourselves on the back for being so loyal ….!!!

  5. John

    Your’e quite right,it does matter where the money comes from. Blues were bought with money from Hong Kong/China (allegedly) . We have a set of directors,of whom, only two are known, they are all based thousands of miles away and one wonders, if any of them know anything about the club,apart from financially and indeed, have any interest in the club. Unfortunately, i cannot see the club progressing for some time,with these people hiding in the far east. I hope the new owners,if and when we get them,are based closer to home.

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