The g word

It’s interesting how one word can transform your perception. When I first heard about Birmingham City’s loan deal for Kyle Lafferty I felt encouraged.  It was a signal that the club intended to keep trying to get into the playoffs. That seemed preferable to just settling for a mid table position. Then the club said that they thought getting him was “worth the gamble” and I started to worry.

When my club uses the word ‘gamble’ it brings to mind the “six weeks of madness” when the chairman of Bradford City having gambled a little to get promotion to the Premier League, gambled a lot in an attempt to stay there and that led to a financial disaster and administration.

I have deep misgivings about the state of modern football and believe that football clubs should go for sustainable, steady progress rather than gambling. I find it worrying that an old fogey like me can get so excited by the prospect of promotion that thoughts of success made me forget that I believe in sustainability.