The curse of constantly winning

As a Birmingham City fan, I don’t need to worry about the curse of constantly winning but I’ve been thinking about it since reading an article with the heading “Manchester City fans left unhappy by curse of constantly winning trophies”.  The article says that fans of the top clubs expect victory and “anything else comes to seem like failure.” It also says, “The greatest triumphs, the ones that are longest remembered and most enjoyed, are those that are unexpected”.

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2 thoughts on “The curse of constantly winning

  1. WayCoolBlue

    Villa was awful 26% possession two shots on target all game. Man city barely got out of second gear.

    That’s not something I would be proud of as a football fan if you’re settling for that then you will settle for anything that’s not much to shout about it really.

  2. pete ham

    it was the most pathetic and sad cup final I have ever seen….
    man city left 7 1st teamers out, and barely even tried….
    in fact, they looked positively bored, and probably would have much preferred Leicester for something to actually do on a sunday afternoon……
    160m aston village looked every inch the losers they are, even in the warm up…
    even with baby jack rolling round the pitch, followed by that extremely shocked, mouth open look of horror, couldn’t save them…..
    even the pundits were struggling…I think one even mentioned a car boot he’d been to on the morning…
    comedy genius….

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