Thank God for antidepressants!

The title of this post is the title of a book written by Jane, a friend of mine.  It tells the story of her journey through depression and all the questions that it threw up. She moved from asking if she should be taking antidepressants to trying to find the one that was best for her, with side effects that she could live with.  It’s a personal memoir not a text book and she stresses the need for expert help in her search to find out what worked for her. She also makes it clear that the medicine that suits her won’t suit everyone.

Jane discusses the negative attitudes that some people have towards antidepressants. Sadly, there are still some faith communities that think that Christians shouldn’t be depressed.  She has chosen to come out as someone who needs medication and has found that when she mentions that she is on antidepressants, a surprising number of people reply in a low conspiratorial voice, “So do I.”

The book is well written and I think it would be helpful for anyone who suffers from depression or knows someone who does.  That probably includes just about everybody. There are still too many taboos associated with mental illness, too many people who think it’s acceptable to get treatment for a broken leg or measles but depressed people should somehow pull themselves together without professional help.

Thank God for antidepressants! a journey to new beginnings by Jane Newman, published in 2012