Talking it over

bcfcDyingHeart2_zpsb18e78f5Blues Trust is to be commended for arranging a time to talk things over with anyone who wants to turn up at the George on Saturday.1 Not all fans will commend them, of course, but it’s hard to think of anything that all Blues fans would agree on.

However, I think there is one thing that most fans would agree on: most are unhappy with the present situation and feel it’s time for a change of ownership.  It would be great if different groups of fans could agree on a short statement expressing this view, a hashtag based on the statement and a logo.

My hope is that the people talking it over won’t get sidetracked onto to talking about all the things they don’t agree on.  Those kinds of discussions go round in circles and are useless.

I also hope that none of the supporters groups will try to control everything.  If an individual or group does something to help the cause then others should publicise what they’ve done rather than trying to duplicate and claim the credit.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  Blues Trust submitted an application to have St Andrew’s listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV)2 and reported when  the Council did not reach a decision on it within eight weeks.3  Daniel then published an article4 on Often Partisan, giving information  on what fans can do about this delay and provided a link to Councillors contact details.  Blues Trust provided links to this OP article on Twitter and Facebook.  That’s an example of cooperation not duplication with the trust doing the application, the sort of thing it is set up to do, and Daniel using his ability to write articles quickly.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to the George tomorrow but I hope the conversation is cordial and that it gives rise to something good.

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  4. Asset of Community Value Delay: What Can We Do?

(I’ve edited this post to remove image of broken BCFC logo since the club would probably regard that as a copyright infringement and replaced it with another one, which I copied from a thread on SHA. My thanks to Eamon C.)

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  1. Bazzathebluenose

    Good luck to all concerned that go to the George tomorrow and I hope that something worthwhile comes out of any discussions. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that focuses on what we agree on rather than what we don’t. Sadly, I won’t be able to make it either but look forward to hearing about the outcome over the next few days. Just remember folks; we all care about our club and we all want the same things namely a successful future and a team to be proud of. KRO SOTV

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