Taking a break from BCFC

SummertimeOther Birmingham City fans with more stamina than me seem to be able to keep going all summer discussing possible transfers, new owners etc.  But I need a break to preserve my sanity.  I need it more than ever this summer as I haven’t had one for a couple of years.  After the 2010-11 season ended there were the aftershocks of relegation, the manager’s resignation and Carson Yeung’s arrest to keep me worrying.  After the 2011-12 season ended I worried that Chris Hughton might leave and then worried because he had.

What difference did all my worrying make to anyone else beside me?  Zilch!  So this off-season I’m going to try to steer clear of the rumours and speculation and spend less time worrying about the Blues.  Next week I plan to take a few days break from modern means of communication. I’m going to switch off the TV, radio, computer and mobile phone and do other things.  I’ll go out for walks, take photos, read books and enjoy some good conversations.  Doubtless I will know if something cosmic happens (the earth hurtling into a black hole) but I may not hear of lesser news events.  So if Lord Lucan emerges from hiding and buys Birmingham City FC I won’t have to worry about it for a few days.

Football fans are sometimes portrayed as mindless idiots who don’t have other interests other than causing trouble on match days.  We don’t have to live down to that stereotype.  This is the time of year to forget about Birmingham City for a while and enjoy other things.  Hope you have a good summer.