Taking a break

Birmingham City’s season finished well with the win at Bolton. It was my third trip to watch an end-of-season game at Bolton. In 2010, we lost 2-1 but didn’t mind because we were mid table in the Premier League. Last year we minded a lot and got a 2-2 result to keep us up. This year I thought I didn’t care about the result at all. But during the game I realised that I did care about ending in the top 10 of the Championship and was delighted that our 0-1 win meant we went above Charlton and ended the season in 10th place. 

Gary Rowett suggested that the team celebrate by having “a tipple or two” and no doubt plenty of fans celebrated in the same way. I’ll be celebrating by taking a break from writing this blog and will just write occasional posts. I will also attempt to get a break from worrying who the next owners might be so I’ll try to avoid reading all the rumours.

I hope my readers also get a break and that you have a good summer.