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Thoughts on the weekend

One article described the Birmingham City players lap of appreciation after the game on Saturday as looking ‘like a scene from Casualty’ as the walking wounded paraded with the other players. “Michael Morrison spent the afternoon in a protective boot, Harlee Dean hobbled past taking slow, tiny steps after his groin surgery and then Maikel Kieftenbeld came through on crutches.”  Those injuries had led to a rearrangement of the team and that, together with windy weather, resulted in a scrappy game.  But it didn’t matter because my team was already safe and, over the course of the season, had done better than I’d expected.

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Live football

Bristol Pear PubOn Saturday morning I saw one of those pubs that has a banner outside proclaiming “Live sport shown here.”  “No, it isn’t!” I muttered as I walked past.  Live sport is sport that you actually see as it happens; it is not the view of a sport chosen by someone else and transmitted to you through your TV.    Continue reading

Can we do the triple over Yeovil?

Yeovil have already provided two sets of pleasant memories1 for me this season, when I watched Blues play at Huish Park on August 10th and August 27th. The travel to the League game through holiday traffic was interminable but the win and standing on the terraces to watch it made the travel worthwhile.  The cup game on the 27th was memorable for many reasons and the travel was better; I went by train and stayed overnight.  Continue reading

Money can’t buy atmosphere

Away fan at QPRSt Andrew’s is not the only stadium which is short on atmosphere at times. A recent article1 mentioned complaints by three Premier League managers about the lack of support from home fans. A quote from Richard Scudamore, CEO of the Premier League, indicates that his concern is not so much for the fans who pay exorbitant prices to go to games but for the TV audiences.  He said, “Unless the show is a good show, with the best talent and played in decent stadia with full crowds, then it isn’t a show you can sell.” Continue reading

Crazy idea, crazy game

A couple of years ago I almost decided against going to see Birmingham City playing in Bruges. Other commitments meant I couldn’t stay overnight so I left St Andrews at 3 am on the Thursday morning and arrived back at 5 am the next day, which seemed a bit mad at my age. I had such a brilliant time on that trip that I decided never to reject an idea just because it was crazy. Continue reading

Last stand

Standing to watch at Yeovil

Standing to watch at Yeovil

I’ve reached the age where I prefer to sit rather than stand at a football match. Nevertheless I do have some fond memories of the terraces, such as standing at the Railway End with my dad back in the 1950s.  So when I bought a ticket for the game against Yeovil Town I chose to stand in the Copse Road End.  Who knows how many other chances I might get to stand on a terrace; it could be my last opportunity.

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