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There are different kinds of ownership.  Coombs, Wheldon, the Kumar brothers, Sullivan and Yeung have all been owners of Birmingham City FC. They’ve controlled the board room and occupied the best seats. But it’s the fans that own the pride and the passion, and pass the memories on from one generation to the next. Continue reading

Football on TV

My first experience of watching a football game on TV was not a happy one. It was the FA Cup Final in 1956, when Birmingham City was beaten by Manchester City. I’d seen Birmingham City lose before, of course, but it felt totally different and much worse than watching a defeat as part of a crowd. We didn’t have a TV at home so we watched it at Grandma’s house and that didn’t help. At home I could have moaned but that wouldn’t have seemed polite at her house. I had to put on a happy face and thank her for letting us come and watch our hopes being demolished. Watching the TV coverage of the World Cup in 1966 was a much happier experience. But I have always preferred being in the crowd to watching on TV.   Continue reading

Something rotten

There is something rotten in the state of football in general. Birmingham City FC is in a sorry state but far worse things are going on elsewhere.  The worst thing that could happen to us is that our club would go out of existence, which is bad enough, but in Qatar construction workers are dying as the country prepares for the 2022 World Cup. Continue reading