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Same result, different reaction

On Sunday, Birmingham City got the same result at Molineux as last season but it didn’t feel the same. Last season, I watched the game on TV in a bar and 0-0 seemed a magnificent score for the team’s first game under Gary Rowett. I was delighted that we had won a point, a whole point!  Yesterday we dropped two points according the reports of those who were there. Continue reading

Keeping the Wolves at bay

Birmingham City’s win on Saturday was one of the most enjoyable games of the season.  The large contingent of Wolves fans boosted the attendance to 19,330 and provided quite a sight as they bounced in delight when Benik Afobe scored. Four minutes later it was our turn to celebrate when Blues equalised with a goal from Kiernan, or maybe Grounds, we didn’t really care who as long as it was a goal.  Continue reading

Fit and proper

Jack Hayward was a philanthropist, patriot, and football supporter. He bought Wolverhampton Wanderers, stabilised it and developed the ground.  And, judging by the tributes and anecdotes, he did what he did for the good of the club and not to make money or boost his ego.  It sounds as though he was the epitome of a fit and proper owner. Continue reading

West Midlands 2-0 Manchester

Yesterday was a bad day for Birmingham City F C but a good one for West Midlands’ football.  Villa and the Baggies beat the two Manchester teams, Wolves beat Sheffield United, and Walsall drew with Leyton Orient.  I didn’t see any of the games but from the reports I heard, it sounded as though Walsall had turned in the West Midlands performance of the day. They played with 10 men for over 70 minutes and yet managed to become the first team to take a point from Leyton Orient this season. Continue reading