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What needs to change

Daniel with bookBirmingham City fans agree that the club is in bad way but don’t agree on what needs to change.  Some very simplistic solutions are bandied around on internet forums — sack Clark, boycott St Andrews — but even their proponents don’t usually claim that such actions will bring an end to all our troubles. Most of us would probably agree that things won’t improve until we get new owners and that might not happen for some time. Continue reading

Friday four

There seems to be a growing trend for writers to bundle a random number of different items into an article. Some examples:  ’27 things we LOVE about Cardiff’, ‘Six teenagers who rocked the world’ and ’11 things humans do that dogs hate.’  I don’t know why others do this but I find it a useful device when my mind is blank and I can’t think of a topic that I really want to write about on my blog.  It is sometimes easier to produce a list of snippets than to write a coherent article.  So here are four things that have caught my eye recently. Continue reading