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Success isn’t everything

Defeated by Stoke - beaten but unbowed

Defeated by Stoke – beaten but unbowed

I enjoyed watching Birmingham City’s loss to Stoke1 far more than some of the games they’ve won. Michael Johnson2 said it was one of the best games he’d seen. The stadium was less than half full (10,445 home, 2991 away) but the Blues fans filled it with noise as they passionately supported the team. It’s a ragbag of assorted players that other clubs don’t want but they are our players and have shown great commitment and effort. I wouldn’t swop them for more talented players who didn’t care about the club. For me, success is less important than a bond between club and supporters, a feeling that this is my club.    Continue reading

Swans Trust

When a Blues Trust Tweet asked if the Swans Trust model was the way forward for others, the first answer that came to mind was, “I hope not.” I was thinking of the reason why Swans Trust got started, which was that the club was in crisis mode.  Following relegation to the Third Division it was sold for £1 in July 2001 and had several changes of ownership the next season. The club was in turmoil and the fans joined together to save their club.

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