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A long, long time

Young fan

Young child at St Andrew’s

Tomorrow it will be two years since I wrote the first post for this blog, on February 24th 2013. On Friday it will be four years since Birmingham City won the League Cup, the high point before our plunge down and out of the Premier League. None of us had any idea of the bumpy ride that lay ahead. We were relegated in May 2011; Carson Yeung was arrested on money laundering charges in June 2011; his trial started in November 2012 but was adjourned until April 2013. So when I started this blog, it should have already been clear that the problems in Hong Kong were going to be protracted. But I was hoping that once the trial started and a verdict was handed down then the situation would be resolved. I am still hoping for a resolution to the whole complicated mess but not expecting anything to happen quickly. Continue reading