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Fan power

I have been thinking about people power since the Big IF rally last Saturday.  As I wrote in my last post1, I was more impressed by the 45,000 people who turned up in Hyde Park than I was by the big names on the stage.  Yes, it helped to have Bill Gates as a speaker but it wouldn’t have been impressive without the crowd, people who had put aside their differences to work together on one issue. It set me dreaming about what could be achieved if football fans could set aside rivalries and unite to fight for the future of the game we love, if Birmingham City fans could march alongside Villa fans to protest about the problems caused by foreign owners who don’t listen to fans. Continue reading

Football without fans is nothing

SOS banner

Photo taken from @spiritofshankly

Someone in the Liverpool Supporters’ Union is good with words.  The title of this post is one of their slogans and for me it sums up a very important message. If fans stopped going to games, the football entertainment product being sold to Sky wouldn’t be worth much. I also like the name of the group, Spirit of Shankly; the acronym, SOS, seems very appropriate given the parlous state of football today.

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