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New start

Birmingham City fans greeted the arrival of new owners in 1993 and 2009 with hope and great expectations. David Sullivan and the Gold brothers were heroes when they rescued us from the receivers. Carson Yeung was welcomed when he talked of investing money in the club. Continue reading

Thoughts on the week

The political season is upon us and yesterday morning I met a candidate out delivering leaflets in my road.  I won’t be voting for her but respect her for getting involved rather than sitting on the sidelines.  Respect too for the fans who joined the #ShareTVWealth demonstration outside the venue of the Premier League shareholders meeting. Continue reading

Interesting times

It looks as though the next couple of weeks could be interesting for Birmingham City, both on and off the pitch. In tomorrow’s game, we will see how Rowett reacts to last weekend’s loss: who he puts in the team and how they play. I’d like to see Zigic in the squad and coming on as a sub. He would get a good reception: fans were singing his name at Blackpool and he wasn’t even there. Continue reading

Do we want Birmingham City back in the Premier League?

When I came back to live in England in 2008 I would have considered “Yes!” to be  the only possible answer to the question above. I was gutted because I’d been living abroad the whole time Blues were in the Premiership and hadn’t seen them play in the top tier since 1982. Continue reading

Don’t delay – jump on a bandwagon!

When you say that someone has jumped on the bandwagon it often has a negative connotation, implying that he has adopted something just because it’s popular and not because he really agrees with it.  However, it may be the only way that Birmingham City fans will ever get together to show how they feel about the current state of our club.     Continue reading

Why Rule 34 doesn’t apply to Mr Pannu

Birmingham City FC started out as a club, not a business. It was started by a group of young men from Holy Trinity Church who played cricket during the summer and wanted to play football together during the winter. According to the history page on bcfc.com the club turned professional in 1885 and became a limited company in 1988.

Continue reading

Congratulations and thanks to Often Partisan

Daniel announced on his Often Partisan site that today, 2nd April 2013, is OP’s second birthday.  He thanked his readers for taking the time to read his views. I, in turn, would like to thank him for his work.  Some journalists give the impression that they do more recycling of information than research; Daniel digs up facts from primary sources not from other football writers.  The amount of information he has discovered about the club’s Chinese connection is very impressive. I don’t know how he finds the time to write so much and he writes well too. It’s a pleasure to read his well constructed sentences.

There’s a reason why OP has such a huge readership and the reason is that it’s the best Birmingham City blog there is.  Congratulations and thank you, Daniel.