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Fans connecting with players

I was at St Andrew’s on Tuesday afternoon to watch the Player of the Season awards presented by supporters clubs and groups.  I enjoyed watching the training session and chatting with other fans but the best part, for me, was the chance to get nearer to the players. Continue reading

Happy Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, writing blog posts is some way down my list of priorities but I have updated my Cheat Sheet. It was shamefully out of date and I felt that I had to make the effort to mark Zigic’s return and also to include Morrison and Moussi. Continue reading

At home

The pictures below show the final scores of Birmingham City’s last 8 home games.

Continue reading

Out and in

Bolton Zigic farewellI’m going to need a cheat sheet again next season.  I started using one last year after the friendly against Hull in August when I realised I didn’t know most of the Birmingham City players. I am not an expert on football but I do like to know the names of the players in my team.  So I compiled a list of names and squad numbers and kept updating it as players kept coming and going.   Continue reading

Not the time for blame

I recently attended a training day on conflict resolution and some of the ideas from that day are rattling around in my brain. The speaker talked about taking responsibility for situations in groups that you belong to and how that is not the same as taking the blame.  He said that individuals are accountable for their actions and that there is a time and a place to consider that but that training day was not the time or place.   Continue reading


I checked the results of my poll* on who we want as owner of BCFC, 83 voted for Mr Fan and 61 for Mr Moneybags. It’s been a long, long time since I studied statistics but I do remember enough to know that the small number of votes means that result is not statistically significant. However this won’t stop me speculating; this is my personal blog not a serious journal.  And I think the results indicate the way Birmingham City fans are fairly evenly divided on the topic of ownership and what they want for their club. Continue reading