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Fans connecting with players

I was at St Andrew’s on Tuesday afternoon to watch the Player of the Season awards presented by supporters clubs and groups.  I enjoyed watching the training session and chatting with other fans but the best part, for me, was the chance to get nearer to the players. Continue reading

No news was good news

Butland and Mutch

Butland and Mutch

After the game on Saturday, Demarai Gray and Darren Randolph walked off the pitch with Nathan Redmond. And I couldn’t help wondering if that might be the last time I would see Gray in a Birmingham City shirt. Seeing Redmond in a Norwich shirt on Saturday had started me thinking about young Blues players who have been sold: Jordan Mutch in July 2012, Jack Butland in January 2013 and Nathan Redmond in July 2013. I remember Mutch being in the Cardiff team that beat us in January 2013 and walking off after the game with Butland, who was about to be sold. Continue reading

Former Blues players

The debate on whether Ched Evans should be allowed to resume his football career has reminded me of the discussion among Birmingham City fans before Marlon King was signed. Evans is being released from prison after serving time for rape; King had served time for sexual assault before playing for Coventry and then coming to Birmingham.  Continue reading

Read on the web

I’ve read a couple of interesting articles recently, both dealing with the difference between football and other sports. The first article was about applauding opponents.  The author said that in other sports he would normally clap the outrageously brilliant, whichever side it comes from. But in football, it is taboo to cheer the other side. I would agree with that; it is ok to applaud former players before a game but I can’t remember a game I’ve seen where football fans have applauded good play by the opposition. It is ok to comment on the skill of the opposition players who are tearing Birmingham City apart but not ok to clap. Continue reading

Patience and punk

Lee Clark has said that it is imperative for Birmingham City to keep our young stars, which is easier said than done. The financial mess of the last few years has meant we’ve seen youngsters given a chance in the team but has also meant we’ve cashed in on some of them.  The fact that Nathan Redmond plays for Norwich, tomorrow’s opponents, is a reminder of that.  Young players can be exciting to watch but they are reputed to be more inconsistent than experienced players. That means both manager and supporters need to be patient and not give up on them when they have a bad game. Continue reading

Good bye and good luck

Nathan RedmondAccording to Colin Tattum*, Nathan Redmond is going to Norwich City; this is no surprise but it is very sad.  Everyone knows the financial mess the club is in and we’ve had to sell other players, such as Curtis Davies, to raise the cash to keep going. We’ve also let good players go because we couldn’t afford to give them contracts. I’m thinking of players like Paul Caddis and Keith Fahey.  Fahey was one of my favourites and though I can understand why the club didn’t give a contract to someone with injury problems, I can’t help feeling that the club might have kept him if it hadn’t been so skint.  Continue reading


I checked the results of my poll* on who we want as owner of BCFC, 83 voted for Mr Fan and 61 for Mr Moneybags. It’s been a long, long time since I studied statistics but I do remember enough to know that the small number of votes means that result is not statistically significant. However this won’t stop me speculating; this is my personal blog not a serious journal.  And I think the results indicate the way Birmingham City fans are fairly evenly divided on the topic of ownership and what they want for their club. Continue reading

Happy returns for Birmingham City

Yesterday’s game against Derby was a joys and sorrows sandwich.  It started with a little joy as Keith Fahey returned to the Blues squad after several months’ absence. Then there was a huge dollop of sorrows in a dismal first half.  But the afternoon was topped off by 30 minutes of joy as Blues returned to winning ways. 

Continue reading