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Losing is not a tragedy

My football disaster vocabulary has been recalibrated this week.  Losing 0-8 at home is horrible but not a tragedy; losing most of your team in a plane crash is. I read that some Birmingham City fans are planning a tribute to Chapecoense at St Andrew’s on Saturday, which seems fitting because our fandom helps us to empathise with the fans whose team has been destroyed. Continue reading


Villa ticketI bought my ticket for the Villa cup game yesterday. Along with the ticket I received a letter from the club reminding me of my responsibility to behave myself. In particular they reminded me about zero tolerance of pyrotechnics, the laws relating to alcohol consumption and stadium regulations about obscene chanting. Continue reading

Cup games

I didn’t like the result of Birmingham City’s game with West Bromwich Albion but there was a lot that I did enjoy. It felt like a real cup game, especially the second half, and like going back in time. My childhood memories of St Andrew’s are of large crowds, noise, excitement and rivalry without real animosity. Continue reading

Shirty about shirts

ShirtsAs I watched the U21’s last week playing in shirts numbered 1 to 11, I became rather nostalgic for the old days before shirts displayed squad numbers and sponsors’ names. I must admit that I find squad numbers very helpful in identifying new players but I don’t like sponsors’ names on shirts.  Anyone ignorant of the commercial aspect of the sport would look at my team’s shirts and assume I was supporting a team called Zapaygo. Continue reading

A day in London

Tower poppiesI went to London yesterday so that I could take part in the fans march.  But I went early to do a little sightseeing as well. I walked over the Millennium Bridge and along the river to the Tower of London, to look at the poppies in the moat. By Armistice Day, November 11, there will be 888,246 ceramic poppies surrounding the Tower, one for each British and Colonial fatality during the First World War and a reminder of the colossal scale of the carnage. It’s an impressive and thought-provoking display. Continue reading

Outs, ins and team building

Even if Birmingham City’s new signings that play on Saturday turn out to be brilliant, I’m not very hopeful they’ll be able to avoid a 4th consecutive loss for the team. Teams take time to gel when changes are made, even when those changes are not forced but made to improve the team. Blues’ outs and ins during this transfer window are not the result of careful team building, just Lee Clark and company doing their best in dreadful circumstances.   Continue reading