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Protests, ticket prices and TV money

not invented in 92A week ago, I wrote about the 10,000 Liverpool fans who walked out on 77 minutes as a protest against the plan to increase the price of some tickets to £77. On Wednesday, Liverpool’s owner, Fenway Sports Group, scrapped the plan and wrote an open letter to fans admitting they had got it wrong and promising to freeze the price of general admission tickets for the next two seasons. Continue reading


Villa ticketI bought my ticket for the Villa cup game yesterday. Along with the ticket I received a letter from the club reminding me of my responsibility to behave myself. In particular they reminded me about zero tolerance of pyrotechnics, the laws relating to alcohol consumption and stadium regulations about obscene chanting. Continue reading

A season of remembrance

“Sport is important because it’s not important” is the opening sentence in an article* on the sportsmen who died in the first world war. The “Footballers’ Battalion”, made up largely of professional and amateur players, lost more than 1,000 men during the war. They and many others will be remembered during this year that marks the 100th anniversary of the war to end all wars, which unfortunately didn’t end them.   Continue reading

Football without fans is nothing

SOS banner

Photo taken from @spiritofshankly

Someone in the Liverpool Supporters’ Union is good with words.  The title of this post is one of their slogans and for me it sums up a very important message. If fans stopped going to games, the football entertainment product being sold to Sky wouldn’t be worth much. I also like the name of the group, Spirit of Shankly; the acronym, SOS, seems very appropriate given the parlous state of football today.

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