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FA Cup Final Thoughts

I watched the FA Cup Final on TV on Saturday hoping that Leicester would win. It was much easier to empathise with a club that had never won it than with a club like Chelsea. So, I was very happy when Leicester scored and won the Cup.

I also felt envious when their owner came onto the pitch to join in the celebrations, and it was clear that he had a good relationship with the manager and players. Click here to see the video of him on the pitch. That is the kind of owner that I want for my club. I want to know who the owner is, and I want him or her to come to some games. 

The ownership of Birmingham City seems more complicated than that.  There was a change noted at the end of last year, which you can read here on the BCFC website. It says,

“Birmingham City PLC has been notified of the following changes to interests in over 10% of its issued share capital as at 31 December 2020. This information is provided pursuant to the rules of The Football League Limited.
Birmingham Sports Holdings Limited (“BSHL”) owns 61,131,519 shares in Birmingham City PLC representing approximately 75.00% of its total issued share capital.
Oriental Rainbow Limited, a company controlled by Mr Vong Pech, owns 17,637,682 shares in Birmingham City PLC representing approximately 21.64% of its total issued share capital.
Trillion Trophy Asia Limited (“Trillion Trophy”), a company controlled by Mr Suen Cho Hung, Paul, holds 5,425,000,000 BSHL shares representing approximately 30.63% of BSHL’s issued share capital. Trillion Trophy has also acquired a direct interest in Birmingham City PLC of 0.24%.
Dragon Villa Limited, a company controlled by Mr Lei Sutong, holds 3,294,366,000 BSHL shares representing approximately 18.60% of BSHL’s issued share capital.
Ever Depot Limited, a company controlled by Mr Vong Pech, holds 4,539,161,000 BSHL shares representing approximately 25.63% of BSHL’s issued share capital.
Birmingham City Football Club PLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Birmingham City PLC.”

I hope that Mr Vong Pech, Mr Suen Cho Hung and Mr Lei Sutong have all passed the fit and proper person test in order to have part ownership of the club but I don’t know how that is checked.

I am also hoping that the fan-led review of football will lead to some constructive changes. In a press release announcing the terms of reference, it said, “The review will be wide-ranging in nature and will examine the potential for changes to ownership models, governance, how finance flows through the game and how to give supporters a greater say in the running of the game.” 

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Sad, proud and glad

I experienced a range of emotions at the FA Cup game with Leicester. I was sad that we conceded a goal and lost the game; I never like losing. I was proud of our players and the effort they put in. I was also proud of the support from the Birmingham City fans, who supplied all the noise in the stadium. I was glad that I’d gone to the game.

I had hesitated about buying a ticket.  As I get older, I’m finding it harder to stand for 90 minutes at an away game and I don’t usually go to away games at night. But I’d been to the other cup games, against Blackburn and twice against Coventry.  I thought it would be nice to go to all of them.

I also remembered an experience 9 years ago, when I almost didn’t go to a game. I had other commitments before and after the Blues game in Bruges so couldn’t spend a night there. My only option was to go on a coach that left Birmingham at 3 am on Thursday morning and arrived back at 5 am on Friday. I can remember standing in the queue waiting to buy a ticket, wondering if I was getting too old to cope with such a schedule. But I went and thoroughly enjoyed it. I decided then that age is just a number and I shouldn’t let it stop me doing things I enjoy.

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I wasn’t happy about Birmingham City playing their last home game of the season on a cold Friday evening but it was a good game. Middlesbrough players had everything to play for, trying to hold on to an automatic promotion place, and Blues players matched them in commitment and desire. The 4,833 away fans helped to boost the numbers and make it the largest home crowd of the season; they also contributed to the atmosphere, as did the newly formed Tilton Alliance. Continue reading

Looking forward

The last day of the January transfer window was unusually calm at Birmingham City and the club’s website pointed this out. Doing the business was a summary of their transfer transactions with a list of the ins and outs during the window and a subtext, which seemed to be saying, “Trust us, we know what we are doing.”  Continue reading

Happy Christmas

Birmingham City fans wanted a home win before Christmas and we got one. It was a pity that the big screen was blank so I couldn’t get a picture of the 1-0 score. My happiness with the result was not significantly diminished when I discovered, after the game, that the penalty shouldn’t have been awarded. That’s football; one incident can change a game. It is what makes it so delightfully unpredictable. Continue reading


The rational part of me thinks that football is only a game and it’s ridiculous that the result of a game can lead to elation or despair. But that rational part is not in control while I’m watching Birmingham City play. As I was watched the game at Bolton I oscillated between despair and elation, between fear and hope.  Afterwards I just felt tired; emotional roller coasters are exhausting.   Continue reading