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Patience is not the first word that comes to mind when I think about sports but it’s a quality that both sportsmen and spectators need. It was epitomised in Alastair Cook’s epic innings which lasted for 13 hours and 56 minutes, which according to a BBC article, is the time that it takes Wayne Rooney to earn £24,881. (I do love irrelevant factoids.) Continue reading


I was not among those who wanted Lee Clark sacked or thought that he was the only one to blame for Birmingham City’s position near the bottom of the Championship League table.  And I didn’t dance in the street when he was sacked.  I was afraid that even if there was a new manager effect and the team did better for a while, it might not last and this season could be one long, dismal relegation battle. It still could be; it’s too early to predict how well or how badly the team will do. Continue reading

Band of brothers

I sometimes wonder why anybody would ever want to get on the managerial roller coaster. They get so much abuse, there isn’t much job security and there are so few financially sustainable clubs. Lee Clark seems to have found one with an equally dodgy setup to the club he’s just left. And surely Gary Rowett has to be a bit mad as well as brave to accept the job of managing Birmingham City. He may be able to improve performance on the pitch but he can’t sort out the ownership situation. Continue reading

Changing the manager

Lee ClarkLee Clark is not the best manager in the world but he is human and I was saddened by some of the online comments about his sacking. I know how bad I felt when I lost a job I loved; it would not have made it any easier if people had been dancing in the streets because I’d gone. So, before I write anything else, I’d like to thank him for his effort and commitment, and wish him all the best in the future. I’m glad that others have been sending him supportive messages via his son’s Twitter account. Continue reading


I think it was Alex Ferguson who said he’d never played for a draw in his life. I don’t think Lee Clark is playing for draws either but we got another one at Norwich. This time he received less blame for losing the lead. Most fans acknowledged that Norwich has better players and were glad that Blues had got a point. Clark still has his critics, of course, as do a lot of other managers. Continue reading

Not the time for blame

I recently attended a training day on conflict resolution and some of the ideas from that day are rattling around in my brain. The speaker talked about taking responsibility for situations in groups that you belong to and how that is not the same as taking the blame.  He said that individuals are accountable for their actions and that there is a time and a place to consider that but that training day was not the time or place.   Continue reading

On the job training

The performance of our young players has been the silver lining among the clouds of doom hovering over Birmingham City this season.  We couldn’t afford to bring in many experienced players and there have been injuries so the youngsters had to step up to the first team and they’ve done well.  By and large, the crowd has been forgiving when they made mistakes; fans have understood that they have been learning on the job.

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