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Here we go

The 9 points have been deducted and we are 18th in the table. It feels like the start of a mini season with 8 games left to play. The next 3 games will probably be very hard, playing against West Brom, Leeds and Sheffield United who are currently 4th, 3rd and 2nd in the table. The next 5 games against Ipswich, Derby, Rotherham, Wigan and Reading could also be hard. Derby are trying to get into the playoffs and some of the other 4 may be making a valiant attempt to escape relegation.

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Ipswich Town 3-1 Birmingham City

Ipswich pink huddleI lied.  When I wrote that the result wouldn’t matter because we are mathematically safe I was sitting in front of my computer and feeling rather philosophical.  It did matter while I was watching the game; it always does.  I always want Birmingham City to play well and win: they did neither during the first half at Ipswich. I have no idea what the players said to each other in the huddle but it might have helped if one of them had pointed out that, for this game, the opposition were the ones in blue shirts and that they shouldn’t give them the ball.  The second half was better than the first: Redmond made a couple of shots that required saves and Burke scored right at the end.

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